The Atlas advantage

Further automate your Supply Chain

Purpose-built blockchain designed to overcome Supply Chain fragmentation

If you want to thrive in the era of the Digital Supply Chain, you must start with a platform that can unify and monitor the most fragmented and critical supply chains while decentralizing benefits.

Sky Republic built Atlas, the first implementation of a Sky Contract Platform, to choreograph and reconcile supply chain processes end to end, while distributing related data and records.

With Atlas in place, you can quickly build new multi-enterprise solutions that fit existing infrastructures, track and trace assets, optimize processes, and more.

“We are delighted to contribute to the development of Atlas. Its unique architecture offers the best of Ethereum, Fabric, Corda, and B2B middleware in a single platform.”

—Mohammed Sijelmassi, Group CTO at Sopra Steria

Sky Republic blockchain comparison

Sky Republic drives innovation with a new kind of smart contract called Sky Contract

A Sky Contract automates community processes and runs on a dedicated blockchain or distributed ledger. It manages assets, monitor SLAs, triggers alerts, mitigates disruptions, automates cancellations, and more.

SubContracts make sensitive commercial information, such as prices or penalties, visible only to the parties involved.

Each participant runs a Sky App, which is built on the Atlas composite application framework. A Sky App verifies the correct execution of Sky Contracts within the community, integrates internal processes, and automates process, data, and records reconciliation.

Sky Contract Platform deployment

Sky Republic accelerates your time to market with the best features of middleware, Ethereum, Fabric, and Corda.

Sky Contracts and Sky Apps are easy to develop, so you can focus on modeling data, events, and processes while Atlas secures interactions and ensures consensus within your community.

Whether you run on premise or in the cloud, an Atlas node is a homogenous hub that optimizes your IT resources, scales with your business, and ensures service continuity.

Sky Republic was named a finalist for the Rolls Royce/Singapore International Airlines Blockchain Innovation Challenge for Engine Maintenance.

Comparison between middleware, blockchain, and DLT approaches for supply chain

Optimize build-and-run costs 

Sky Contracts and Sky Apps are easy to develop through a high-level, event-driven software development kit. Whether you run on-premise, or in private or public clouds, an Atlas node is a homogenous hub which simplifies governance and business continuity, and optimizes resource consumption. The parallel and pipelining algorithms used to process events and the blockchains allow the platform to scale with your business.

10 reasons to choose Sky Republic over distributed ledger technologies, blockchains, and middleware:


Fit with currently centralized networks


Legal protection in case of dispute


Enhanced choreographies and a distributed relational database


Autonomous reconciliation


EDI support


Dynamic contracting


Composite application framework


Event-driven infrastructure


Confidentiality via SubContracts


Node resilience and scalability

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